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Is the Mac Jas 10.4.x Dual Boot Installation safe?


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Hi, this is my PC specs:


AMD64 Athlon 3200+

NVidia 6600



I had created two partition for my hdd, and I had installed Vista on my C drive, and D drive left blank. I know what we could do a dual boot installation, but I couldn't afford to loose my Vista at any matter, is it safe to install dual boot? Thanks.

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I do not know the answer to that question, but I do recommend this procedure for the safest install method:


1. Buy a 20 GB Maxtor IDE HDD off of ebay (about $15 dollars. shipping included)

2. Wipe it clean with QTPart or PartitionMagic or whatever

3. Format Drive D: the partition on your windows vista HDD as FAT32 for a share partition

4. Turn off computer and remove windows vista HDD and plug in the maxtor hdd to the primary master ide

5. Install Mac OS X on entire HDD

6. You may have to do perform a file deletion on first boot up (search this forum for: OSX wants a reboot)

7. Reinstall your Windows Vista HDD as Primary Master, OSX HDD as Primary Slave, and DVD-ROM as Secondary

8. In Windows, go online and download GRUB, a free univeral boot loader.

9. Configure and Install on Floppy Disk or Flash Drive or DVD ROM. (if you PM I will be glade to help)


11. Make sure your BIOS is set to boot USB/FLOPPY/or DVD-ROM first, then your WINDOWS VISTA HDD.

12. Whenever you want to boot into MAC OS X just insert USB/FLOPPY/or DVD-ROM and turn on the computer.

13. Select the operating system and your good to go.


This is the safest method in my opinion because the operating systems are on two different HDDs and you are not messing with the bootloader of WINDOWS or MAC OS X.


I will be writing a guide as how I did my install. Like I said before, I am will to help a fellow mac OSX86 enthusiast. Just PM me and I will respond as soon as possible. ^_^

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