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Screen hangs on first boot after installation


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At first I must apologise for being a n00b and for speaking bad english.


But now to the point..


I've been usin windoze for my entire life, linux for about a year now and now i i'd like try mac.

I have a spare computer with a P4 Titan(?) mobo with a Pentium 4 1,6Ghz processor (SSE3 capable?),

512+256RAM and a Matrox g550 graphics card.


I downloaded the JaS -.iso image with all the shizzle that came along, burned it on a dvd and prepared my pc for it.

Everything went fine, had a little trouble with the harddrive, but got that working. Installation completed, but when i boot after the installation, the screen gets stuck on the grey load screen with the apple logo. Music starts, some guy says something about voice and screen or sumthng and everything SOUNDS okay, but the screen just sits there stuck. Oh, and by the way; the loading circle it has under the apple logo gets stuck.


I have tried with different craphics cards and other hardware installed, but no result :/

I also booted in verbose mode, and it did everything allright, but in the end it said something about the airport driver. I thought it had something to do with wireless stuff and was not important. Is it?

After the airport "error" it says that it loaded the login screen, but when i try the graphical boot again, it does the same as before.


Any help/man-files/ideas/questions/whatever would be greatly appreciated.



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I had a similar problem after installing JaS with the Nvidia option checked in the installer. My problem was that Natit and Titan were both installed when that option was checked and were canceling each other out. To fix it:


1. Boot into single-user mode (-s)

2. Mount the filesystem

mount -uw /

3. Move Natit out of your Extensions

mv /System/Library/Extensions/Natit.kext ~/Desktop

4. Delete extension cache

rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext;rm/System/Library/Extensions.kextcache

5. Reboot


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