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Sound, Wifi, and Video Issues...

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I'm running into three specific issues on JaS' 10.4.8 that seem(ed) to be easy to fix, but aren't.


This is the hardware I've got in my machine:

CPU: AMD 64x2 3800+

Mobo: EVGA 122-M2-NF59-TR (Foxconn really, but Sold by EVGA) 590 SLi (MCP55 Lan & according to Newegg "Realtek ALC882D")

Video Card: Nvidia 6600GT 128mb PCIe

Wireless Card: Belkin 54G (Broadcom BCM4306 chipset)


I know that my LAN won't work which is why I've gone with the wireless card.



For the life of me I can't seem to get my sound to work. I've followed a slew of tutorial and have used multiple 'installers' and kext (ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext, Taruga's HDA 'solution'), and DiaboliK's Realtek ACL880 patch) to find that none of them work. Any solutions to this would be fantastic...I've edited the hell out of extensions to see if I can get it to work, and so far no luck!

The Hardware IDs are (given by Windows Vista):

Sound Chipset

Device: 0882

Vendor: 10EC

Sound Controller

Device: 0371

Vendor: 10DE



My wireless card shows up fine at first boot. All I had to do was edit somethings (EN0>EN1 and Int 0>1) in "NetworkInterfaces.plist" and it worked. Unfortunately, no SSIDs were showing up under the Airport's network selector. At first I thought it was because my Computer is under a desk, so I checked it in Vista (found them all, and Connected fine) as well as, moved the computer out from under the desk. To my luck, nothing changed. The forums seem to lack info on this, and I've had a heck of a time trying to find anything on it.




I've used both Titan and Natit. Titan left me with a black screen that never refreshed, while Natit (both 0.1 and 0.2) left me with 1024x768 and no QE / CI support. Natit finds my card fine, but it does absolutely nothing after that. I've checked all the kexts that the tutorials mention for my Vendor and Device IDs, and they all have them so I know that isn't the issue... or it might.

Here's what I get in verbose mode as Natit enables:

display: family specific matching fails
Natit: Starting.
Natit: Setting @0,NVMT=<data not shown>
Natit: Setting device_type=NVDA,Parent
Natit: Setting @1,device_type=display
Natit: Setting @0,compatible=NVDA,NVMac
Natit: Setting @1,compatible=NVDA,NVMac
Natit: Setting @0,fboffset=0x00020000
Natit: Setting @1,name=NVDA,Display-B
Natit: Setting @0,name=NVDA,Display-A
Natit: Setting NVCAP=<data not shown>
Natit: Setting @0,device_type=display
Natit: Setting model=GeForce 6600 GT


I hope I haven't left any needed info out! It's been driving me crazy for nearly a week now... so I'm ready to figure this stuff out.

Thanks for the help!

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Well, I've managed to get Natit to work... Sort of.


Now it boots into Os X with all the nice resolutions to pick from. Unfortunately, the mouse now runs really slow... really the whole machine runs slower and the mouse barely moves. I thought it had to do with the resolution and refresh rate. When I changed the resolution, I was greeted with a plain blue screen... I waited 3-4 minutes and my mouse cursor showed up but nothing else. When I reboot, I'm still greeted by the same screen. To get past it, I have to delete the Natit.kext, reboot and reinstall it.


I really don't know how to fix this.

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