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finally! help with keyboard


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Finallly I get mac ox 10,4,8 installed!! So.. I need to know something:

1. My keyboard (enermax aurora) doesn't have apple icon.. Alt, ctrl, (windows) keys are not functioning.. can I do something? (I hope to make my windows key an apple key..)

2. how can I divide my hdd into 2 partition? now it is only one of 160gb..

3. I have another sata disk on my gigabyte ds3 but I don't know how to make my mac read it (it is a ntfs with windows xp disk)

4. how can I see how is my conroe e4300 working? like fsb, speed.. thanks

5. last one.. are there many changes in 10.4.9 version of mac osx? do I have to update? thanks

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