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Grey Screen


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I have successfully installed OS X 10.4.8 when it boots up, I see the grey apple and the spinning grey wheel. However, after a while, it turns into a grey screen and remains that way for too long. Ive even tried leaving it over night.

I have tried burning other copies and they produced even worst results (won't even install)


i suspect it may be the disc because my osx 10.4.5 works , which i bought from hong kong.


10.4.5 has ttrouble upgrading to , i tried to combo update 10.4.9 jAS. it freezes and doesn't boot back up.


anyone know what the grey screen means?



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I have:

Intel Pentium 4 560J


ASUS p5nd2-sli deluxe

160 GB Western Digital IDE HDD



I have the newest iso from demon with PPF1 and 2, it comes with the 10.4.9 combo update.


thanks. hope it all helps.


as far as i know, 560 J has SSE3 so i should be able to install this copy with the intel SSE3 patch ticked.

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