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10.4.8 - STAC9200 sound issues


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I have a Dell 640 M with broadcom 4311, it didnt work previously, however I got it running with the eth 1 hack and got airport running successfully.



config -


C2D - 1.6 ghz,

1 gig ram

80 gig HD

14.1" screen


STAC9200 audio onboard

945 GM video



However for now, I have only two issues with Mac running on the desktop


1) The system seems choppy with two processors running simultaneously, and the apple logo on first boot seems very slow. Is there no way to get OS X running successfully with dual core as for now ?


2) Problem with Audio - Don't get any sound off the soundcard. Tried all hacks and searching on the forum for possible solutions - but no success.


Does upgrading to 10.4.9 yield any success ?




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