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inno3D GeForce 7600GS AGP on 10.4.9 (8.9.1 kernel)

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Thought I ought to post my success in getting this card to work, I was using a same brand 6600 with the Natit installer package which worked flawlessly with no edits needed but as ever I wanted to upgrade and found this 7600 on ebay for which I paid £50.


After I put the card in I got the inevitable kernel panic so then proceeded to do much research and reading around this and other forums. After a few clean installs, different driver packages and no progress I decided to try editing the three key plist files with the device id of the card. The files were in the Geforce.kext, NVDANV40Hal.kext & NVDAResman.kext. These edits were done on a system that had already had the Natit package installled but panicked when the new card went in.


I'm rubbish with terminal, but learning, so all I did was change the permissions of the contents folders and the plist files so that I had access rights. Then I could make the edits in text edit to the <key>IOPCIMatch</key> string in each file by adding a new device id string in the same format as the others that were there.. After I'd finished I used Disk Utility to repair permissions then rebooted and prayed.


It worked! And I'm very happy. I should just say that all the editing and permission repair was done from a seperate install of OSX on another partition which I use for testing software updates before I update my main disk.


Hope this helps someone, but it has proved to me that there seems to be not quite so much mystery around getting mainstream graphics cards working and you certainly don't need to go futzing around in the terminal using all that dangerous root user stuff.

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