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Question about installing on a nForce4 SATA Hard Drive... (I've read the other threads!)

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After doing a bunch of reading (forums, wiki, etc), it seems like ABSOLUTELY ZERO Mac OS X installation DVDs include nForce4 SATA support.


Is this correct?


If the nForce4 SATA drive is showing up in the installation DVD Disk Utility then it's because an incorrect Via SATA driver is installed.


Is this correct?


The only way to get an nForce4 SATA drive to work (eg. booting from) is to install to an regular IDE drive, install the nForce4 SATA driver, and then clone the drive to the SATA drive.


Is this correct?


Also, can I somehow check which (if any) SATA drivers are pre-installed on my Mac OS X installation DVD? I guess it wouldn't matter, but I would just be curious.


Thanks for your help!!

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