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QE and CI on GeForce Ti 4800 SE

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I'm realy not that much of a nerd, and I'm already happy that I got os x running on my pc, but there is still one problem and I think a lot of solutions, I just don't know what to do.


I have a GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE (AGP) on JaS 10.4.8 .....

I clicked on Nitat or Titan in the instalation and the computer now recognises my card, knows its an AGP card and I can change Resolution and refresh rate, BUT I have the feeling that it could be faster and I think it has to do with the fact that I have no Quartz Extreme of Core Image.


1. If my systemprofile says I have no Quartz Extreme or CI does this mean I can't get it, or is there a way to make it think I have it?


2. Can someone help me with that.


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