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Drivers for the X1600


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Hi there,


I installed MacOSX about 5 times now, on a Packard Bell iMedia PC.

Specs are:


Intel Core2Duo 2Ghz SSE3



Realtek HD audio ALC888

Via Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter


OSX 10.4.8 including Intel patches

Kernel 8.8.1 Darwin


After installation I get my sound up and going by the ALC888audio.mpkg.zip file, the ethernet card works when I copy viarhine.kext to the extensions folder and everything just works smooth, except the videocard...


The box of the PC says it's a Radeon X1600.

Clean install of Windows XP + latest Catalyst drivers says it's a X1300 series.

The sticker on the card itself in the PC says its a X1600, but no further information....


When I use ATIX1x00_3.5.mpkg.zipi get a bluescreen after reboot

When I use 1049.NatitX1600.R1.V3.Installer.mpkg.zip I get a bluescreen after reboot.

When I use the wellknown Ati & nVidia installation package from the guy whoms name I don't remember at the moment :hysterical: I get a bluescreen and have to use the .uninstallscript.

I tried to load the NatitX1300 r1v1 release trough the terminal, but that didn't work either.


Now, I am fresh out of ideas how to fix my videocard drivers for my MacOSX86, and getting more frustrated by the minute. Thing is, not only do I don't know exactly which drivers I have to use, and how to install them, I have a 17 or 19" widescreen TFT and thus I need widescreen resolutions.


If someone could help me out it would be great. Please bear in mind that I tried to do it on my own, I searched the wiki and forums and still can't get this stupid card to work. Everything elke works splendid.

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