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only 1 core with 10.4.9 speedstep kernel


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[EDIT] solved: just got the "(MAY 03)koolkal latest kernel 1049 Universal (amd&intel)(ss e2&sse3)" from demonoid .. :)


my CPU has 2 cores, and with all the kernels before (also the 10.4.9 auto FSB) the 2nd core is detected correctly.


Now, with the 10.4.9 speedstep kernel (version from Wed Apr 18 22.23.59) only 1 core is detected: in "About this Mac" it says "Core Solo", and in sys profiler it only counts one core, too.


Colonel's Sys Profiler Patch applied.


As soon as I switch back to another kernel the 2nd core is being displayed again.


Is that a known limitation of this kernel, or do I need specific kexts or frameworks to make the 2nd core reappear?




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