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How Do I restore original kext ?


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15 seconds before figuring out that OS x is very very *nixy I copied the IONetworkinFamily.kext to my desktop to back it up before replacing it with one for my Broadcom x440. I didnt keep the permissions and im affraid that it didnt copy the entire thing.


The broadcom ddriver didnt work ... so I tried to remove it and restore the original.


I use kextload to try restore it but i had to set the permissions.... which im not sure worked as i thought.

So kextload loads it, but when I reboot I still get the same error as before I restored it.


Needless to say .. now the permissions are broken or it didnt get copied well or something. The short of it is that I need to restore the old backed up one (if it still works) or restore the original off the dvd.


How should I go about this ?

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