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So I have just been searching for the past few hours on how to get my audio working. I have a ALC655 + VT8237R chipset. I mostly just found posts on how get both speakers working. I would have been happy to get one speaker working. Well, one of them did work, but the sound was so bad I couldnt make out any audio.


I came to the conclusion that I would have to get a USB sound card. I read a post here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...aded&start=


I read what slave-zeo said about going to the Audio Midi Setup to get the usb audio working. I decided to take a gander in those setting for future reference. Well, I changed the "Preferences for" to the second option in the drop down box to change the settings for my output. I played with the different Hz settings and messed around a bit.


I closed the box and started to play a video that was paused while I was messing with the setting. The sound came out crystal clear! I didnt change any settings in there, I just swapped the hertz settings around and messed with the sliders.


Now I'm done rambling. I just wanted to put this on here in hopes that it will help someone hours of frustration.


Now I'm off to get that dual audio fix I seen. I think I may still get the Turtle Beach usb audio I seen on Best Buy.

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