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RTUSB2500 driver connects to network fine, but still no internet?

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Hello all,


I've got a Zonet ZEW2500P wireless USB adapter that uses the Ralink 2500 driver. I've installed it in OS X (I'm using 10.4.8), and I'm able to enter my WEP key and connect to my network perfectly fine with the Ralink utility (even my neighbor's pops up occasionally). However, I still can't get any web pages to load, and OS X's network diagnostics state the device as plugged in, but not connected to an IP.......when the Ralink utility is clearly acquiring all the information from the network it needs to.


Is this a common problem with Ralink? Everything else in OS X is working nicely...I was just hoping to get an internet connection.


I hope there's a way to fix this!

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