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OSX 10.4.9 boot disk problem


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hello chums...


i am new in this field so i have some error to explain..

i have osx 10.4.9 installed disk.

while booting it gives me following errors....


BSD ROOT:disk2s3, Major14, Minor11

SAM MULTIMEDIA: READ or WRITE Failed, ASC = 0x15, ASCQ = 0x00

DISK2s3 I/o Error


what you people think about it.....


as far as i think it is due to "USB WIRELESS KEYBOARD MOUSE" is that a problem...

urgent answer is needed....

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Find an earlyer relese like 10.4.8 and then try to update with delta updater.

You gonna have better results.


Use: IDE HardDrive and IDE Drive, Master and Slave on the same chanel and PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard.


your disc better have to be like that: disk0s1


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