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Error loading operating system


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Hi, I checked through most of the board and couldn't find a solution to this problem. There have been many posts with respect to this, but there seems to be no concise answer. If it's out there somewhere and I missed it do apologise and hope someone can point me to this. I am new to the OSX scene and the dreaded terminal, but I try my best anyway.


After struggling to set up my partitions and set up, I finally completed the installation of OSX in VMware and require a reboot. After the reboot, the error 'Error loading operating system' appears. Thinking it might be a VMware problem, I loaded up PartitionMagic, set the OSX partition as the active one and used the chain0 method to load, only to face the same problem. Loading with VMware with OSX as active partition also doesn't help.


If I did not use set the OSX partition to active and use the chain0 method, the Chain loading error comes, but I assume that's because I did not set it to active.


Using JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3 + PPFv1 + Defiant_diskutil_7


My configuration is this:


ASUS A8N-E ACPI BIOS Revision 1008

80GB HDD (20GB-NTFS-WINXP[active], 40GB-FAT32, 20GB-AF-OSX) SATA


Geforce 6600GT

Many thanks.

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