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MotherBoard may be FRIED, need advice on closest replacement!


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This board bios won't keep date, replaced battery, still problematic.


Sometimes, it won't boot unless I take out the battery, tonight had a Firewire Problem, so I think its time to replace.



The idea would be to replace it with something very close, i.e. working out of the box with my new HD and installed 10.4.8 since I was never able to figure out how to update.


I also have a Geforce 7600GS running perfectly with CI/QE.


My Present Motherboard...




I am thinking about this one, the DQ965GF and wondering what will happen if I swap out the CPU and use this motherboard and just try to boot up.


Any ideas? You can read more about it here: Thanks!!!!!!!!



OK, I just read a bunch of horror stories about this board (the Q965 one), so, any suggestions on what INTEL Motherboard I can purchase that will just work with present ATA HD with 10.4.8 installed?


I think the 975BX might but its a bit pricey.


Any other ideas?



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