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a familiar problem with a twist


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I just installed OSx86 on my PC Laptop and am experiencing a common problem. The computer will get through the Darwin loader and the gray pinwheel makes it three and a half times around, then I get the gray, four-language restart message. My screen matches all the screenshots related to this problem.


Now for the twist, all of the other computers having this problem, that I have seen, are running AMD processors or an nForce chipset. I am using a Centrino laptop, 915GM, 1.73 Pentium-M with 768MB ram.


I am using the deadmoo image, 10.4.1...


Please let me know if you can help me with this, or if you need more info...


Thanks, Rick

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panic(cpu 0 caller 0xC01A0893): bdevvp failed: open


in the debugger below:








on a sidebar, does it matter if I am doing this off a USB harddrive? my neighbor is making me a Linux LiveCD to copy the USB hdd to my laptops harddrive.


thanks, Rick

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