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Geforce 6800 PCI-E (0x00c1) - WORKING!


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A lot of folks are complaining about not being able to get their Geforce 6800 PCI-E working (Dev ID: 00C1).


The standard guides also failed for me, I got always hanged after loginwindow.app.


So here's how I enabled resolution change, QE/CI after all:


I searched the OSx86 wiki for Titan there are two links to get the file:

This one and this second one.


The first is a zip file including a rar file with a lot of kexts. The second is only Titan.kext (1 file) zipped.


- Downloaded the first one (the one that contains lot of files).

- unzipped, unrarred (there are a lot of free unrars for mac osx, use Google). i got a directory with a lot of kext files on my desktop as the result of unrar.

- opened the terminal, logged in as root (typing sudo -s)

- moved all the unrarred kexts to /System/Library/Extensions using drag&drop, overwriting everything

(if it says you don't have permissions to overwrite sg, simply delete the target file)



downloaded Titan.kext FROM THE SECOND LINK, and inserted it in the Extensions folder. (Overwriting the one that comes in the rar file).


After that, I used nano to change dev IDs (Simply change 00c3... to 00c1...) in geforce.kext, NVDAV40Hal.kext and NVDAResman.kext.



Saved, repaired permissions, deleted extension cache files, rebooted and prayed.


It works now with QE/CI, 1280x1024x32@75hz

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this seems very helpful. I have the asus p5w dh deluxe and xtx geforce 6800xt 256mb (which is on the titan HCL), and I am having problems with the whole device id situation. how do you edit the .kext files? where do you put your device id? and how do i find my device id from osx?

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