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Slow HDD and Netwwork under Vista on 24" IMAC

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Hi Guys,


I recently bought an IMac 24 inch with 7600 grapics card.


As some software I require runs just under Windows, I installed Vista with Bootcamp. I also upgraded the HDD to a seagate 750 GB model.


The Imac is connected to a Server under Windows 2003 Server via a 1000mbit x-over cable.


a) When I copy a 1 GB File from the sever to the IMac, it takes about one minute under OS X and 2:40 min under Vista


B) the HDD-transfer speed is around 40 mb/sec under Vista.


Both a) and B) seems to be pretty slow. Does anybody have a clue what drivers have to be updated und how to speed up Vista?





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