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Toshiba OEM Partition causes Chain Boot Error?

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I finally could install OSX on my new Toshiba laptop dual core 2 duo, 2GB RAM.

Because I have Vista preinstalled, I created the 20GB partition for OSX as stated in many instructions.

I could boot the OSX dvd and make it see my blank 20GB partition and initialize it, so the OSX installer finally installed all the stuff inside.

Then I rebooted with a CD bootloader into vista and put back the vista loader, then configured the loader to have a standard boot.ini entry to load c:\chain0=OSX , and obviously copied the CHAIN0 file from the DVD into C:\

When booting and choosing this OSX entry I get that hated "Chain boot error"...

I tried many things (renaming, reconstructing the chain0 from the wikipedia site) bo no way.


Now, I really think the problem is inside my partitioning.

As stated on many instructions, the HFS partition must be primary, not under an extended one, and so on.

And infact, I just have 3 primary partitions (1 for Vista, 1 for OSX and 1 for Data).

BUT....actually there is a hidden partition, right at the beginning of the disk, that is stated as an "OEM Partition", with description "EISA Configuration"....

This is a Toshiba OEM partition containing things such as the CD player runner (to make it run with OS down) and some other infos needed by the Restore CD.

While every partition is displayed as Primary, this is displayed as OEM...

Maybe this is the reason why CHAIN0 can't find my HFS partition?!?!

Is there any way to make it run without destroing that partition?

How can I boot the installed OSX on the HFS partition?!?!

What will I loose if I delete that stupid OEM partition and make it a free area?


Thanx for

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