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iMac 24-inch for FCP purchase -- Why would I want 256MB video card?


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For 24" built-in AND a 23"+ 1900x1200 external to work at all as two separate displays (not just mirrored)? For them to work without frame rate problems?


I'm seeking to someday mainly edit HDV in AIC form with the current version of Final Cut Pro HD and maybe someday do Color correction, if that's something a mini-doc producer would need (or would an HD channel tweak/ refine it anyhow?). Motion, After Effects, 3-D are NOT things I would want or need and I'm not a gamer.


Is the NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT with 256MB of GDDR3 SDRAM uneccessary for me, especially since I'd have to avoid the cheaper refurb 24-inch with 7300/ 128MB??


I'll start with 2GB RAM and a big FW800 external, any other tips?




~ Shaun

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