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Install Mac os X 10.4.8 on FakeRAID


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Is it possible ? I had mac installed on a old 40GB quantum fireball, but that died now (was working for like 7 years).

My main system is a 2x160GB Seagate SATA2 RAID0

Any way to access this from mac ? It's accessable by linux with dmraid and some linuxes can even be installed on it.

It would be really great since then i would use mac all the time and not only sometimes cuz most of the time i need the contents of my 320GB array.


Mobo is a nforce 650i SLI based.

Mac sees the hard disks as 2 separate ones, not as a raid array as windows does.

I've heard that there were problems with nforce sata drives on mac ? about write corruption, i wouldnt want that happening to me, does this still occur on nforce6 ?

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