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Hey guys,


I just wanted to start off and say thank you for all who have put in the hard work to get OSX86 running on multiple platforms. It has been a blast so far. I do have one noobish question though that hopefully someone can help me with.


I have been running the Mac OS X 10.4.8 JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2 for about a week now with absolutely no problems. I even had a pretty decent score on X-Bench and I am loving the OS. Today, I wanted to see if I could replace my X1800 with a 7800GTX just to see if the NVIDIA stuff works. Unfortunately it did not boot after the card was switched. I decided to just put my X1800 card back in (this is what I get for playing with stuff) and continue to use the system. Now, no files were changed when I put in the 7800GTX. But now that the X1800 is back in the box, I can not get it to boot. Using -v I get to the following location


Extension "com.apple.driver/AppleOnboardPCATA" has no kernel dependency. (I believe this is normal)

AppleNVIDIAnFOrceATA: NVIDIA CK8S IDE (CMD 0x1f0, CTR 0x3f4, IRQ 14, BM 0xffa0)

AppleNVIDIAnFOrceATA: NVIDIA CK8S IDE (CMD 0x170, CTR 0x374, IRQ 15, BM 0xffa8)


Once I get that on my screen the machine just sits there and doesn't do a thing. I decided to put my install CD back in and boot to the install screen so I could use the terminal app to apply a fix that I saw in another post just to see if it worked, now I can't even boot off the CD without it stopping in the exact same location. The only hardware touched was the video cards so I don't understand why this is having such a profound effect especially after I put the original card that I installed on back in the box. Does anyone have an idea or something for me to try?





Baracuda 7200 RPM IDE drive

ATI x1800 video card

2GB ram


Thanks again!

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Just more of an FYI. I found out what the problem was and decided to post it here in case anyone else has this retarded problem. I did forget 1 thing that I did plug in to the system and it is what caused the machine to freeze. I had left in my METAL GEAR BOX USB hard drive enclosure plugged in which causes the boot process to freak out. I figured it out while trying to install on my other system at home last night and I caught what comes after the lines I posted above. Once I removed the USB enclosure the machine started right back up. :rolleyes::D

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