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Getting the Screensaver to work on CRT:DVI vs VGA

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OK, first of all let me say that at this moment i am quite happy, since i just got the screen saver to work in os x 10.4.8. Maybe it's a common thing for most of the people, but for me it was a pain in the @ss since i started making a hackintosh. So it seemed fair to post my little adventure. On to the details.


First of all, my specs are:


Pentium D 920 (2,8)

Intel D945GNT

Sapphire Radeon x1600 Pro

Maxtor 160GB SATA

Us robotics wireless (cant remember the model, i think it doesnt matter right now)



So, after installing many versions of different extensions for my graphics card and running many scripts, which fo rmy bad luck, have failed (the screen was always freezing, not dimming or switching off or anything), i tried swapping the VGA cable connecting my screen with the graphics card, for a DVI>VGA adapter. And it worked! But not without problems.


The problem is that when booting with the VGA cable, the computer stops right after the "Starting Mac OS X" screen(the one with the blue background). Stops as in, shows the cursor, the cursor is moving, but no other activity. Left it there for about half an hour...nothing. Tried -x, still the same. -v shows no errors at all. When booting in single user mode, it boots just fine.

So, this is what i did for a workaround: I booted with the VGA cable, when done switched off my screen, swapped VGA for DVI>VGA, and back on. Worked like a charm. The screen now powers off automatically after the power saver time has elapsed. All resolutions, QE/CI and the rest are working as before.


Of course, booting with the DVI cable still doesn't work, but at least there is hope for a solution, i believe.


Also, i think it would be a great idea if we started a thread addressing specifically screen saver problems. There are already many such threads for sleep.


Thats about it. Take care everyone.

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