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How I sucessfully installed Leopard 9a410!

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After a few days of struggling with this i finally cracked it!


Downloaded the BETA from a torrent and burned it with TransMac in windows.. but it wouldnt boot...

So now i was stuck with a Leopard non-bootable disk and a Intel Core Duo Macbook without any OS X...




1. I booted with my original disk and fired up Disk Utility...

2. Made 3 partitions(2 small and one big for the system)

3. restored the original disc to one of the smaller partitions(about 5gb)

4. rebooted and booted the partition containing the original disc, then ejected the original dvd and inserted my useless non-bootable Leopard DVD.

5. Now we got the DVD-Drive free for us to use , so just restore the Leopard to the 2nd smaller partition(about 8gb)

6. Now set the Leopard partition to boot and reboot the machine! It Should work! ;)


So.. I had 3 partitions:

Part 1: 6gb called it Tiger Install

Part 2: 12gb called it Leopard Install

Part 3: the remaning free space, this is the partition where you want to install Leopard..


Ofcourse you can solve this much easier way such as burning a bootable from the start or use an external disc...


But this worked for me so enjoy!

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