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10.4.8 on 915 Sony VAIO Laptop


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I've tried many all (or almost all) solutions provided on Inanelymac.



1 Installed osx86 without GMA900, boot

2 Used DisplayUtil, Installed LaptopDisplay.kext here

3 Installed Diabolik's GMA900 fix

4 Boot: Blue screen hang

5 Used hardware jumpers (1-6, 2-12 pins) connection

6 Boot: Two monitors detected, all worked, QE, CI, fine resolution.

7 Settings > Displays > Detect Displays; One monitor detected.

8 Reboot: blue screen hang


repeated 1-6

7 Settings > Displays > Arrangement > Mirror

8 Hang with blue screen on resolution 1280x800 (native, fine), but the screen size (blue on black) was probably 800x600. No mouse.

9 Reboot. Repeated step 8.


Can anyone tell: is it possible to setup proper display on a laptop with gma900 and without theese hardware tweaks?

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