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Installing PC created DVDR's (and DL's) on OSX86


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Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, but I've been reading for about a month and a half. First I want to thank everyone for the very detailed info you've provided for a novice like myself in setting up an OSX86 system. After much tweaking, everything seems to work as well as it possibly can for not being the real thing (see my signature for details).


Last December, I bought a Mac Pro and I almost sold it in January when I realized I wanted a PC first and Mac second as opposed to the other way around. I also purchased the retail version of Final Cut Studio 5.1. I backed (using a PC) all the disks up on both DVD-R's and DVD+R DL's depending on the size of the disk. My problem is, when I try to install any of the DL's, after several minutes of loading, a grey transluscent screen drops over my entire desktop and then the system freezes with a notification in the middle saying I need to reboot the system. This is repeatable for me everytime.


When I use the original disks for the installation, the software installs just as it should. Is there a problem with DL's burned on PC's installing properly on OSX86 systems? This is not a dual boot system. I'm using a backplane with removable drives to change from OSX to Windows.


Thanks again for all your help with getting my system up and running.


Edit: I apologize as I now realize I probably should have posted this in the post install sub forum. Wow, my first post and I blew it already!

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