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Dot Pitch Mess Up


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I wasn't quite sure if this was a hardware problem or not, but here it goes..


I tried forcing mac to run on 1280x1024 from 1024x768, and so it did, but now it looks worse. it looks like the dot pitch has just doubled itself and every pixel is spaced apart. i'm running on vista so i'll try uploading a screenshot soon.


Oh btw, i'm using a 19" crt.


k, so when i uploaded my screenshot, and viewed it on windows, it looked fine, so i'm guessing i messed up some setting i dunno about.

i believe the word, grainy best describes how my display looks like atm.

and when i compress the monitor completely, it looks fine. could it possibly be fixed by installing aa driver for my monitor, its a syncmasteer 765mb.

Thank You

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