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10.4.8 on AMD64-3400 +NV5900XT - Boot-Problems..

Maximilian Vice

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Hey all,


first: great work u do here..


Hmm, so, i recently installed 10.4.8 JAS on my AMD machine and first everything went well - Installation completed, new boot-up - Startup Screen appeared - Apple Symbol and turning circle ( the screen with the grey background) but then my monitor switched off, then on and showed a black screen.. No Mouse reaction, no hdd sounds, simply nothing - I tried to change resolution at the boot prompt - No change. I change to platform x86pc - No Change..


F*** - I would have love to have my second computer be a part of the mac family here at home, bu t i dont know how to go on.. Does anyone of u have a suggestion or hint for me?


These are my technical specifications:


10.4.8 Jas

K8v Se Deluxe AMD 3400 ( 64)

1,5 gig ram

40 gb hdd

nvidia ( aopen) 5900xt


I thank u all - !

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