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Network and Rosetta problems


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I have an old problem and a new one, hopefully that will pique someone's interest.


First of all, my system boots fine. It has an Intel 915G chipset, so I even got Quartz Extreme working thanks to the tip on this forum to remove the intel830 kext.


Old problem: No Rosetta. But I'm running an SSE3 system, and I copied over the appropriate oah750d file from the wiki archive by hand. What else should I be checking? Do the other files in the same directory with oah750d need to be patched, too? I deleted the TPM kext.


New problem: Although Apple System Profiler sees the en0 Ethernet port just fine, it's grayed out in the Network control panel. If I remove the Ethernet port in the Network control panel, I can't add it back again. And when I try to add a new port in Network, the only available option is the mysterious "6 to 4." What is 6 to 4 (Firewire?) And where the heck is my en0 port? The NIC is whatever comes with the Intel 915G chipset.


I'll keep hacking at this, but if it's a common or solved problem, it's always good not to reinvent the wheel.

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