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Mount samba share read-only in NetInfo Manager


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Hi all


My "Mac" is running great on 10.4.8. I have a Samba share containing some music automounted using NetInfo Manager, this works no problem. This is done under the mounts section in NetInfo Manager using the following properties:


name debian:/music

dir /mnt/music

vfstype url

opts url==smb://username:pass@debian/music


However due to a bug in the FLAC implementation of Amarok (it might actually be the Xine lib, not sure) the share needs to be read-only otherwise the tags cannot be read. Weird I know but that's the way it is... changing permissions on the server doesn't work. I can do this on the command line using:


sudo mount -t smbfs -o -f=440,-d=550,-u=501,-g=501 //username:password@debian/music /mnt/music


But obviously this is tedious to perform every time I boot.


Is it possible to add the read-only property to NetInfo Manager automount, or indeed can I add the command line mount somewhere so it will be mounted by root when booting? I know there are the system-wide terminal scripts etc I want this to be mounted when the OS starts, not just in a terminal, and it needs to be run as root. If only Mac used fstab we wouldn't need to mess around trying to do things that are trivial in BSD :)


Other than this, and a few other small issues, OS X is great :)

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