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Powerbook G3, Toast & Popcorn patches out there?


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I am a new mac user :P , and I decided to get an older powerbook g3 pismo for fun :) I have Tiger installed (10.4.9) and I would like to install Toast 7 and Popcorn 2. Is it possible to install these items? I know they want a G4 or faster processor... but I did find a Toast 7 patch out there, and I downloaded it, but I am unsure how to install it even after following the instructions :o


Is there any major improvement to using toast 7 over toast 6 with Mac-the-Ripper? I wanted Popcorn 2, but it also requires a G4 or better... are there any patches out there that allow it to work?


I am using a Pismo with 1GB of ram, a 8X panasonic dual layer DVD+/-RW (using Patchburn), and a 40GB hard drive. Other than a CPU upgrade to an aftermarket G4, is there any way to make the requested software work?


Thanks in advance :)

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