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succeed to install jas 10.4.8+ppf...


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after Countless installations,now I have OSX10.4.8 in my PC with dual boot (XP).

it's a great,exciting moment when I heared the specific music came from my audio facility.

It's a suffering process for me to have OSX.

I started to install OSX one years ago.


this time,I make the entire HD to be "HFS"(I have two HDs,and there is nothing in it.), because many times I failed to boot OSX from two partitions of my 2nd HD. That annoies me that I use "disk utility" that in OSX DVD(you know it, don't you?) make the 2nd HD to one partition(HFS+,Journal).

PS: the method is ok for me, not necessarily ok for you. take care!


after the similar steps that I have done countless times, (take a nap) finish it!

reboot! waiting……

Use boot manager to boot it,fail! the screen printing" hfs+ partition error"

OMG!! reboot!

Use tboot to boot!

OMG! I make it!

but I can't find out why boot manager can't boot it while tboot do!

( I have failed many times with tboot!) >>anybody knows?

now, I am downloading "Final cut pro and iwork"(heyhey! use XP)


enjoy it! to my friends who has failed so many times as I do! keep trying it!

PS: the primary thing keep in mind: take care of your data~(it once destroied my data! fortunately, I recovered them. it takes me one day~)



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