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E6420 Custom Build: Overclocking Plans and Would like opinions!

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Hey guys!


So i'm on the verge of kicking out my NewEgg order here. I'm planning to run Final Cut Studio 2 next month on this system, which is why I've gone with the Gigabyte DS3 board since everything seems to work right. This rig is going to be specifically for my Editing and Visual Effects, running XP/OS X/Vista 64-bit.


Theoretically I'd love to have a board with Gigabit Ethernet working and as much Overclocking potential as the DS3. An Asus SLI 650i board would be good, but seems as though people can't get them up and running completely. If anyone has info on this, it'd be appreciate as being able to have Gigabit Ethernet built-in instead of later buying an intel GE card would be grand.


Here's the list:


Recent Change: Arctic Cooler 7 for CoolerMaster Gemini II


Not on the list: Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse (me favorite), KAMA BAY



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