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No Ethernet / No Onboard Sound / Can't Install Garageband


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I just installed JAS 10.4.8 on my E6600 Core 2 Duo (currently dont have my onboard sound working but Line 6 USB Toneport is running as soundcard and ethernet is not working; don;t know how to do this!?!) but everything else is working fine. Initially I had no mouse pointer but I rectified that fairly quickly. I didn't use anything other than the JAS DVD, just installed it like I would a windows dvd - botted straight from it (I think it uses the Darwin booter) and installed in on it's own 80gb HDD.


I'd really like to get my onboard sound and ethernet working as the mac doesn;t feel complete without them really - especially the ethernet - the only problem is that I'm clueless with Macs; all my computing experience is with PC's so I could really use some idiot-proof advice.




I actually have a genuine Apple OSX disk with iLife06 as part of the bundled add-ons; I've tried to install from here but it does a system check and says it can't install iLife on my machine.


I also downloaded :thumbsup_anim: a dmg of iLife06 (Garageband only) from a torrent. It took me a day to download it (via Windows as ethernet not working on osx86) and the mac can't open it. It mounts the dmg but when you then click the install file it says "unable to open".


Please help me; I'm a desperate man in need of Garageband - I just can;t afford a decent mac to run it on!!!


Thanks in advance guys,


Jim, UK





My Setup:-

E6600 Core 2 Duo 2.4 (AS ROCK Conroe945 DV Chipset)

2gb Ram

Nvidia 7600 256mb

Onboard sound - "High Definition Audio Device" / Ethernet (neither are working)

OSC is running natively on its own 80gb IDE HDD.

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im having the same issue with the iLife installer, after mounting it it says "Open Failed Couldn't open "iLife 06.mpkg". "


EDIT: Well i managed to fix it, whoever packed it packed it wrong. open the iLife 06.mpkg then create a new folder called Contents and drag all the other files and folders in the root of iLife 06.mpkg into the new Contents folder and it should now work.

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WOW, cool! could you spell that out a bit more for me though - I'm new to all this!


I have opened up the package and I can see all the files/folders, I drag them all into a folder and call it contents but then how do I put it in the root??? don;t get that bit - please help me I really am an idiot! :(

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how can you resolve your problem with ethernet? I hava a gigabyte p965 ds3 and my marvell yukon ethernet was not recognised..
follow the instructions in this thread for the lan on that board i have the 965P S3 and they are virtually the same board.
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