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Ethernet not working on HP Laptop

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Hi all! I'm a Macintosh OS X nOOb who needs help in figuring out why my ethernet internet connection won't work. I'm really not sure what to do and have tried to be as descriptive about my problem as I could, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I've installed JaS OS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSe2 SSe3 on my HP Compaq nc8000 Laptop.

HP Compaq nc8000 Specs

My Speed Stream 6300 Networking Modem Specs - PDF

My laptop has an on board NIC ethernet device. I'm using a Broadband Ethernet Networking Modem and have the RJ45 ethernet cable connected to my Networking modem and my laptop. When I go to the networking setup in OS X the onboard ethernet selection is greyed out and I can't select it for set-up. The only thing displayed as being recognized is the PPP (Dial-up) and Firewire connections. So I have no internet connection and don't really know what to do. Should I download an ethernet driver from the Mac web site and transfer it to my laptop via external USB hard drive? I tried downloading and installing the Intel based universal 10.4.9 update from the Mac web site and it just kept rebooting my PC, so I re-installed JaS OS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSe2 SSe3. So I'm assuming I can't apply any Mac web site updates on this patched Kernel? I'd really like to at least have internet access.


Help, anyone.


Pretty Please.


Thanks from a Mac nOOb.





After some more searching I think I've found a solution in the 3rd Party Drivers - OSx86 section of the OS X x86 Project Wiki site, my integrated ethernet is a Gigabit Ethernet NIC. There was a post for a possible patched fix with-in this forum. Here's a link to it.


Broadcom Ethernet/ Gigabit Integrated Ethernet Fix


I'll post my results as soon as I get a chance to try this out.





****S U C C E S S ! ! !****


The solution in the above link worked perfectly! Wahoooooo!




Should I stay away from the Software Update Feature in the JaS 10.4.8 Intell PC Install??

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