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It was working...why did i have to fiddle!


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i had a working 10.4.8 installation, everything working great. then i attempted to install XP onto another drive and make it a dual boot system. NOW: i can boot XP but OS X hangs with a blinking _ cursor. i tried to rebuild the MBR with:


fdisk -u /dev/rdisk1 (rdisk1 being my os x partition on another drive seperate from XP)


doesn't work. i have a feeling that the ****ing disk utility on my install disk corrupted the os x partition.


i've tried everything... booting straight to the OS X drive via the bios, using the windows bootloader with chain0... no dice. i KNOW os x is fine, i can browse all the files via terminal in the installation dvd. i CANT restore it because the diskutility is screwed (can't drag disks to restore).


anybody? desperately in need of help...

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