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USB storage devices


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Hi all,


When i connect an external usb storage device (usb stick, usb hdd, digital camera, card reader, ...) in most of the cases the device isn't recognized or mounted. It is even invisible in the harddisk tool.


But in the moment i plug it in, my system gets from quite fast to dramatical slow until i reboot. Seems like the external HDD is recognized in 1 out of 5 times (reboots).


I have already tried the apple USB update but that didn't change anything.


I did even test different connections, onboard USB and Ports on my PCI USB Card.


Anyone out there with an idea or solution? rolleyes.gif


Here are my details:


10.4.7 JaS Install updated to 10.4.8 JaS on P4 2,8HT (SSE2)

1 Gb RAM, 120 Gb HDD, Geforce FX5600 with complete CI/QE/Q2E working.

ASUS P4P800SE Mainboard with USB2.0

Everything works great except USB Storage.


Thanks for your Help

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