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nforce4 ppf does not allow native install


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So, I've done the whole VMware -> install darwin nforce 4 sata kext's -> load linux in vmware and DD over to a real partition.


However, when i dd the vmware install over to a real partition, when i run osx off the real partition it only see's a hard drive that was as big as the vmware virtual drive i dd'ed it off of.




dd from virtual to real


run osx, says 8GB Capacity only.


So, I'm trying to do a native install, because i dont know how to make osx see the rest of the partition.... I applied the ppf patch for JAS 10.4.8 dvd, but it only gives me the option to install the NForce sata drivers during installation. it doesnt actually load them up at the begining of the install. So i cant install it....


Can anyone help me out here? All i really want to do is make osx see the full partition i give it.




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