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Apple Remote issues

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Heres the deal, I have an Asus TV133 TVTuner with IR receiver. the remote and receiver work like a dream. Looks almost identical to the MCE 2005 remotes. Without any hacking/cracking/editing, the remote and receiver work like a charm. I can use them in front row and all the good stuff. However I just purchased 2 Apple remotes (2 for $20 CAN) and I would like to get them to work with my Hackintosh. The problem is that my receiver is not detected using Mira 1.2.8 or Remote Buddy. How can I have something that works fine without any modification loose support when I try to use a 3rd party application? Does anybody know how I might solve this issue? I thought about editing the device name/version info in the plist for the IR device to match a known good receiver but wouldnt that render it useless? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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