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PCCHIPS A31G Socket 754 w/AMD 64 Sempron


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I just wanted to post my hackintosh experince with this forum for anyone wanting to find a cheaper alternative for building a custom mac/pc. . .



The 1st thing I had to do was put the main hardrive and cdrom on the primary IDE as master and slave before install (until I use this UDMA fix after install does my 2nd IDE port work!). The install goes fairly slow due to the fact that UDMA is not enabled during install. This can be fixed after install is complete.



JAS DVD 10.4.8 Intel & AMD w/Titan (using this fixes alot of problems I had using 10.4.7 !!!)



MOTHERBOARD: PCHIPS A31G 754 for AMD 64 3000+ Sempron CPU's


SOUND: AD1888 Codec Sound on board using This Driver for SiS 7012 (found in XP under DEV ID) using this Guide.


LAN: SiS 900 onboard LAN- Not working. Using A RealTek 8139 PCI ethernet card as alternative. Driver here.


VIDEO: SiS Compatible VGA onboard- uses VESA video only. Using a PNY GeForce 7300GS PCIe 256MB w/Titan Driver (Natit Driver works well too. . .) QE/CI working as well as Hardware OpenGL Acceleration.



Enable UDMA (Ultra DMA) with this Guide for faster hardrive access and speed- this also fixes 2nd IDE port as stated earlier.


Fixed RealTek Net card using this post here.


good luck and have fun! :(

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