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Fix for "DMA unavailable" on DVD drive


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Here's a tip for all of you who have noticed that their DVD drive has started 'stuttering' when playing back or that your burns take a lot longer than usual.


Recently I noticed that Nero was having problems burning DL on my desktop XP machine. The buffer would keep dropping to 10% and Nero adjusted the burnspeed down so the disc took an eternity to write. To Nero's credit I was still getting good burns (or maybe the LiteOn drive took care of it) but it was irritating. Aha, I thought, the drive has dropped into PIO mode.


I've been caught by optical drives going into PIO mode before so I checked the settings, intending to reset the drive to DMA. The option for DMA was unavailable, and system tools said that the drive didn't support DMA. Nonsense, of course, it always had before. But I had no idea how to force it back to DMA.


After some research I discovered this webpage which has a handy script to restore DMA to stubborn systems. It solved the problem right away.

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