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Help with sound card plz


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hi i'm completely new to this, i finally got osx to run on my pc and got the mouse and keyboard to work but i cant get the sound card to work, i search everywhere on the fourm but no luck. i'm using a sound blaster audigy (i think i saw a post saying its not working with osx right now) i try to use my onboard sound card (Cmedia 9761A 5.1 channel audio CODEC) but cant find a guide on how to get it to work. if anybody knows how or have a link plz show me, thanks in advance

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My spec:

intel P4 2.66ghz (MMX SSE SS2)

1G ddr ram

ati X1600

creative sound blaster pci

Cmedia 9761A 5.1 channel audio CODEC(on board sound card)

motherboard (asrock P4i65G)

apple mighty mouse and keyboard

also the usb port doesn't seem to be working my mouse and keyboard doesn;t work when i boot into osx86

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You need:


1. A prepatched OSX 10.4.x install image.

2. An empty dvd recordable (+R or –R, NO Rewritable!).

3. An IDE Disc.


The guide:


1. Get an prepatched OSX 10.4.x install image.

2. Burn the image to an empty dvd recordable (+R or –R,NO Rewritable!)

Use your favourite burn program for this (Recommented Nero Burning Rom or Alcohol 120% or MagicISO or PowerISO e.t.c.)

Make sure that S.M.A.R.T. is disabled from Bios configuration.

Use IDE Disc and IDE Drive,Jumpers seted like master and slave on the same primary chanel.

Use PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse.

3. Insert the OSX install disk and reboot your computer, follow the installation steps on your screen.

Chose Language and after that chose Tools>DiscUtility and Delete and give a name to your Disc, close DiscUtility after that.

Chose Customize on the Instalation menu and be careful what you chose (you dont need all the languages support, X11 tools, all Printers Drivers).

Chose all Intel related updates and kexts.


This way works most of the times.

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