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OSx86 Kernel Panics When Adding an IDE HD

Alex P

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I installed OSx86 on my nForce3 SATA drive a few weeks back and it's been working great and I love it. However, I managed to get hold of an IDE hard drive that I want to add in addition to my current setup. Adding the IDE drive works fine in Vista, but not so well on OSX. When adding the IDE drive in as a master on IDE 1 or 2 or as a slave on IDE 2, I just get a kernel panic the second I go past the Darwin boot menu. If I have it as a slave on IDE 1 then I get the "Still waiting for root device" messages. I've been searching around, but I can't find any good solution.


It'd be a shame not to be able to keep my drive, and I don't really want to go shell out cash for a USB drive enclosure, so if anyone has any suggested solutions at all, they'd be greatly welcomed! :D



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