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How to boot Mac OSX after installation ?


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I just installed OSX 10.4.8 on the second primary partition on my SATA hard disk in the laptop.

All went fine, the installer could see the disk etc... no issue. But right after the reboot I fall back on my old bootloader which was Acronis OS Selector.


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling this one several times but it never sees my Mac OS X partition.


I also have linux on this laptop and for some strange reasons after the repartitioning the OS Selector no longer sees my linux boot partition with the grub loader inside. So OS Selector just became useless.


That is why I replaced it with Grub in the MBR. I created entries to boot Vista, Linux and Mac OS X.

Everything works, except Mac OSX, it just doesn't boot.


I tried every possible option but nothing works. When I select OS X from the Grub list it shows the grub entries for osx but doesn't boot.


The entry looks like this


title Mac OS X
  rootnoverify (hd0,1)
  chainloader (hd0,1)+1


OS X is located on the second primary partition of /dev/sda


I also tried by removing the rootnoverify and the makeactive and only removing makeactive but that gives the same issue. I just can't get it to start.


What am I doing wrong ?


I also suspect something is wrong with my partitions as Acronis Disk Director does not show the same partition structure as the windows vista disk manager. The latter one shows 2 partitions with free space of at least one Gb while I don't see this in Disk Director.

And when I try to list the partition table in linux with parted it gives me the notice that there are overlapping partitions which is not supported ??


I think I have to fix that first. That could as well be the reason why OS Selector is screwed up.

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Well, that's the strange part, no error message.

It just shows the entries from grub




If I add other things to the list it will show those as well but doesn't start OS X.


I think I will restore my backup and repartition the disk and give it another try.

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