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Milestone Blue Screen ?


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Well ....


i've installed the jas 10.4.8 , for the install itself i needed to plug in the second monitor , but after that it was not needed for the system to work until ....


I've had also XP and Debian on the laptop so i wanted to have a triple boot system , so i ran the Debian cd in resuce mode , added proper options to grub menu.lst. , run grub-installer booted the macos ....


and the monitor started to screw up , immediatly after grub instalation i've had problems described on the forums...


When the system is being booted from the MBR it probably passes some additional parameters to the kernel and the problem with blue screen and need to use the dongles does not occur. If somebody smart can help me with that maybe we can work out a nice solution to the problem.

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