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DG965WH 10.4.8


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Ok I got as much of my DG965WH platform working as much as possible.


I used the JAS 10.4.8 Install DVD "with PPF1 and PPF2 patches" (it includes the J-Micron patch) applied. I boot using an external USB DVD drive and install from that. All of my hard drives are SATA running in ACHI mode. HPET is enabled, integrated graphics is disabled, using my 8800 GTS.


I then applied the latest Semthex Kernel. Heavy graphics distortion due to incorrect FSB speed. Tried to override in the boot.plist but didn't work. Also tried the most recent Mifiki and the kernel which name escapes me based on it. caused panic during boot. Odd because no problems when running the install DVD.


SigmaTel STAC9271D works after using the HDA patcher utility and the Linux sound dump.


Intel 82566DC does not work. Cant figure out how to get to work. Anyone have luck?


Trendnet Bluetooth USB works out of the box as always.


8800 GTS doesnt work, duh. Gonna play with VESA mode settings for kicks once I take care of the graphics distortion problem. (I have a 22 inch HD LCD thats just begging for a higher resolution)


Anyone know of a kernel that correctly detects and configures the FSB and other settings on the DG965WH platform?

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