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Hackintosh Install Problems - *n00b alert*

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Hey all!


First time OSx86 user here. Unfortunatly, that translates to me not knowing a dang thing about, well...basically anything.


After much trying, I finally got the install DVD (JaS 10.4.8 w/ SSE2 SSE3 AMD PPF1) to load past the -v -x window. I don't remember how.


I formatted my 10GB VMWare disk image for use w/ OS X using the Disk Utility in the GUI that finally loaded. (Supposedly there's some problem with Disk Utility - I dunno if that could be part of my problem or what). So now the virtual drive is HFS+. Yay.


Install & Reboot'd. Froze at Grey Apple Logo.

Well, I had been following a VMWare tutorial up to this point, so when a error message that explained why it popped up was mentioned in the tutorial, I took that advice, and changed my VMWare (emulation style? I'm not sure what its called) from FreeBSD to Windows NT. That got me quicker emulation & at least a spinning wheel underneath the Grey Apple Logo. But THEN...


The spinny wheel thing froze. (Yeah, great computer lingo there...) I don't know why. I tried booting into safe mode *with -v -x tags* and it seems to be hanging around 'No AirPort Driver Found', and specifically right after 'localhost mDNSResponder: Adding browse domain local'.


n00b translation: It's looking for an airport card that I don't have. And a network connection I don't want - I have 56k, so its not like network would be that important, other than linking my iBook Dual USB @ 600Mhz to OSx86's on-machine DVD drive.


Is this right? What should I do?


Also, there's a line of code a few segments back that concerns me:


'Titan: Testing for NVidia card'

'Titan: Could not make a display match...'


Could this also be affecting my failure to successfully boot OSx86?



Like I said, I'm a complete n00b to this type of thing, so I have very basic Linux knowledge, no Mac Terminal knowledge, and hardly any Command Prompt knowledge.



Computer stats are as follows:

Abit SG-80 Socket 775 Motherboard

Intel Celeron D @ 3.2Ghz (w/SSE2, don't remember about SSE3) Processor

nVidia GeForce 5200 AGP Graphics Card

1024MB PC3200 RAM

80GB Hard Drive (w/ Windows XP Pro SP2 on it)

VMWare 5.5.3

JaS 10.4.8 SSE2 SSE3 AMD PPF1 OSx86 install disk.



If worse comes to worst, could someone walk me through a fresh install?


Thanks for your time,



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