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Laggy Photoshop CS3 mouse


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I don't.


2nd here



it's beta or final, i did't remember having this inssue here on beta and final too.

also i don't have QECI ennabled for unsuported gfx ransons, so..


hows about much ram do you have?

i have here 1gb and works fine


also, what kernel do you use and mac os version?

here is 8.8.1 semthex sse2 b9


what your graphic card and kext installed?

i don't have one but could be related?, i dunno.

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same problem, and choosing heavy brushes whith preassure sensitive color options get worse, happend to me only sometimes and then work normally, i been without time to control it properly but i dont think ram got something in this, 1gb ram 533mhz and a p4 3.0 with 256mb video and gets slow here too. If i keep with the problem or not, i´ll tell you later


i´ve forgot to say!


kernel 8.8.1

ATI Radeon by powercolor x600xt, callisto 8 and koverg´s working on 1280x1024x32, qe $ ci compatible

10.4.8 with intel sse3 patch

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